The Island actress clips a car in the Disneyland parking lot while avoiding paparazzi

By Todd Peterson
Updated August 23, 2005 10:00 AM

Scarlett Johansson was in a minor car accident Thursday after she entered the Disneyland parking lot while trying to evade paparazzi who were following her, the Associated Press reports.

A rep for Johansson says the 20-year-old actress entered the amusement park’s lot after she left her Hollywood home and noticed SUVs tailing her on Interstate 5. Publicist Marcel Pariseau says Johansson then tried to ditch them by entering the lot and paying the $10 parking fee.

Upon entering the lot, Johansson swerved and hit the right side of a car carrying a woman and her two daughters, AP reports. After the collision, the SUVs surrounded the accident and one photographer got out and started taking pictures, Pariseau said.

Arnold Cousart, a co-owner of JFX Direct photo agency, says two of his photographers had been following Johansson, but that they were not responsible for the collision. “Our photographers were about a block (behind her) when the collision occurred,” he says.

The California Highway Patrol responded to the incident, but no charges were filed and police are no longer investigating. Pariseau said Johansson has left Los Angeles. “She’s frustrated,” he said. “She can’t deal with it anymore.”

It’s the latest incident in what may be boiling up into a showdown between the paparazzi and their celebrity subjects. This spring a photographer was arrested for hitting Lindsay Lohan’s car, and Reese Witherspoon recently fled paparazzi who trailed her from her gym to her home.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is currently looking into whether celebrity photographers are creating confrontations in order to get pictures of the stars, AP reports.