Using their superpowers for good, the Avengers: Age of Ultron actors star in new Feeding America PSAs – see them here first

By Maria Yagoda
April 27, 2015 06:15 PM
Alberto Rodriguez/Getty

Avengers: Age of Ultron costars Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner recently took a break from saving the world – and their global press tour – to raise awareness for a very important cause: ending child hunger in America.

“My family grew up relying on public assistance to help provide meals for our family,” Johansson tells PEOPLE. “Child hunger in America is a real and often overlooked problem, but one that together, we can fix. It is my hope that by joining with Feeding America, our awareness of this issue will lead to a solution.”

Feeding America, the country’s leading hunger-relief organization, currently provides food to more than 46 million people through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs across the United States. The organization’s new PSAs starring Johansson and Renner are an extension of the Ad Council’s Hunger Prevention campaign, which works to bring surplus food to hungry children and families.

“As an American, it’s hard to hear that we have a serious hunger problem in America,” Renner says. “And as a parent, it’s even harder to hear that one in five kids struggles with hunger.” While harmful to everyone, chronic hunger can be particularly devastating for children, who often suffer long-term physical and mental health consequences as a result.

Both video spots encourage viewers to visit to learn more about hunger in their communities, find opportunities to volunteer at local food banks and donate food and funds.

Watch the new PSAs first on PEOPLE: