June 08, 2004 04:00 PM

If the It girl thing doesn’t work out, Scarlett Johansson has something to fall back on – advertising. The 19-year-old Lost in Translation star is the face of Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance launch, Eternity Moment. PEOPLE recently caught up with the actress at a New York City party to talk about her new role, her scrutinized dating life and a very yummy scent.

You’ve been photographed with actor Jared Leto. Anything you’d like to share about your love life?
I’m a very private person. The best way to handle it is … I just don’t deny things, I don’t say yes. If people speculate, just let them speculate.

So you don’t mind reading about your dating activities in the gossip columns?
I try not to read it. That’s the only escape. That’s the advice I’ve gotten from other actors.

So are you anything like the perfume you’re touting? Can you relate to its characteristics?
It’s a strange thing to say about yourself, but I think it’s a very feminine scent and very sexy. It’s very bold and modern.

What was the first fragrance you used?
Ananya from the Body Shop. I liked the scent. It was very young and girly.

What scent do you think should be bottled?
How about freshly made cake baking in the oven?

Other favorites?
Coffee, my cats. Chinese food. They remind me of enjoyable moments sitting in front of the TV.

Who’s in your entourage tonight?
They’re all my girlfriends, from school and my neighborhood.

You start filming Mission: Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise in August. Are you tough enough for action flicks?
We’re doing some training. I will probably get bruised and cut up, but it will be good. There’s a lot of stunts that I have to do. It’s great working with stunt guys. They’re always pushing you to the limit. It’s like the ultimate personal trainer.

Will you tell us what Bill Murray whispered in your ear at the end of Lost in Translation?
No chance. That will be a secret for a lifetime.

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