It took Dustin Richter two hours to haul in the rare and weird creature

By Alex Heigl
Updated May 27, 2014 02:55 PM
Credit: Courtesy Dustin Richter

Dustin Richter had planned for an evening of poker with his buddies on May 25. Instead, they decided to head out on a late-night fishing trip in a Boynton Beach, Florida, inlet.

It was there, in the dead of night, that they caught the sawfish. The 500-pound, 11-foot, prehistoric sawfish.

Richter told his local ABC News affiliate that it took two hours to reel in the creature. “It’s just one of those prehistoric-looking animals … if you see them you’re lucky and if you catch them, you’re even luckier,” Richter said.

Ultimately, Richter let the endangered fish go, but not before it left behind one of its teeth, perhaps intending to come back for it later, when Richter was sleeping or otherwise unprepared.

Saw fish, goblin sharks … what terrifying, made-up-sounding creature will the sea yield next?

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