What is #SaveMarinaJoyce? How a Disturbing Video from a U.K. YouTube Star Caused an International Frenzy

A popular British vlogger has assured fans that she's "okay" after a series of disturbing videos led many to believe she was in danger

Photo: Source: Marina Joyce/Instagram

A popular British vlogger has assured fans that she’s “OK” after a series of disturbing videos caused mass concern online and resulted in #savemarinajoyce trending no. 1 on Twitter and other social media worldwide.

Marina Joyce, a teenager known for her YouTube makeup and style tutorials, first ignited fan concern earlier this summer when she began exhibiting allegedly bizarre behavior in her videos.

In a makeup tutorial uploaded July 8, YouTube commenters noted the presence of a gun in Joyce’s bedroom. Others commented that Joyce appeared stressed, and “petrified” after an off-screen person could be heard entering the room.

YouTube followers also took to the comment section to ask Joyce about her well-being. In a screengrab from the messages on her tutorial clip, Joyce appeared to tell one fan she was “OK,” only to immediately retract the statement, writing “no” – a response which has since been deleted.

The following week, in a question and answer clip, Joyce seemed to speak nervously, fans claimed, and repeated herself throughout the video.

“You guys are worried for me but there’s no reason to be worried for me,” she said in the video from July 15. “You just need to start liking my videos… Stop saying that I’m on anything, because I’m sober.”

A “Date Outfit Ideas” clip uploaded by Joyce over the weekend, however, sent fan concern over the edge.

While modeling dresses, black-and-blue bruises can be seen on the back of Joyce’s arms. Commenters charged that Joyce seemed dazed through the video, and claimed that she could be heard whispering “help me.”

Some began to speculate that Joyce was being held against her will or being abused, sparking a social media campaign with the hashtag, “#SaveMarinaJoyce.”

After concern spiked, local U.K. police officers from Enfield in North London tweeted that authorities visited Joyce’s home.

“She is safe and well,” the department wrote.

On Twitter, Tuesday, Joyce responded, assuring viewers, “Im TOTALLY fine guys, I am feeling very good today and its actually so heartwarming to see so many people care about me.”

Joyce also posted a LiveStream on YouNow, Wednesday, dispelling fan theories that she said “help me” in any of her clips, and confirming that police had visited her home.

“I’m okay, guys,” she assured, adding, “I had all those bruises because I was in an accident… I can’t say what happened but I’m okay and I really do love you guys.”

Of the gun visible in her bedroom, Joyce revealed, “The gun was a BB gun. It’s my moms gun.”

She also encouraged fans to attend her YouTube meet-up in London.

Joyce has continued to use social media since the outpouring of concern, tweeting a photo of herself Tuesday morning, with the simple message, “I love you’d.”

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