May 18, 2014 10:00 AM

Saturday Night Live generally keeps its departed cast members close, unless you’ve done something to really offend the show. So having Golden Globe winner and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg on to host the last episode of the show’s season wasn’t a stretch, though the parade of alumni the show brought out at different points felt appropriately momentous for a season-closer.

The show’s cold open tackled the Jay Z/Solange drama (or “Elevatorgate”), with Maya Rudolph returning to play Beyoncé.

Samberg’s monologue showed him attempting to break Bill Hader’s total number of impressions on the show, with help from Seth Meyers. Of course, Hader’s not going to take that lying down, so he crashes the party as well.

The number of returning cast members reached critical mass during this sketch, with Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, and Paul Rudd appearing.

A Samberg-anchored SNL wouldn’t be complete without a digital short, and so we were treated to “When Will the Bass Drop?” the tale of a DJ who puts everything before the seat-rumbling peak of the song. Warning: Weirdly gory by the end – the bass makes people’s heads explode.

Here’s the wonderfully weird St. Vincent taking the stage to perform “Digital Witness.” Her odd choreography calls Talking Heads to mind, no surprise given her collaborations with David Byrne.

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