The comedian explains why she'll never do her Angelina Jolie impersonation in her presence

By Liz Raftery
Updated December 12, 2011 07:00 AM
Credit: Courtesy Maxim

Even before she started performing on Saturday Night Live, Abby Elliott knew firsthand about the raucous working environment in the studio.

Now an audience favorite – thanks to her quirky impersonations – the SNL star says she finds the workplace to be much calmer than its reputation might have it.

“It’s the same cocaine schedule, but without the cocaine,” Elliott, 24, tells Maxim in the January issue, on sale Dec. 13.

The lad mag naturally got young Elliott to photograph in sultry lingerie rather than comical poses, as well as open up about her crushes: Citing (in no particular order) Emma Stone and Anna Faris, whom she often impersonates, and Sienna Miller.

“I have a million girl crushes and can’t think of a single guy,” says the admitted lover of guys with a sense of humor (including ex Fred Armisen) before revealing soft spots for Jon Hamm and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I was a huge Titanic fan,” she says. “Saw it eight times. If [DiCaprio] ever hosted, I’d turn into my 13-year-old self and freak out.”

Another thing that might freak her out: Doing her Angelina Jolie in the mega-star’s presence.

“I’ve never done it in front of her, but I don’t think I’d be able to speak,” Elliott gushed. “She’s so beautiful.”