The funnylady shares her personal struggle with gender inequality in this exclusive campaign video
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“Go ahead, ask for more!” As National Equal Pay Day approaches on April 14, stand-up comedian and actress Sarah Silverman is joining Levo’s Ask4More campaign that encourages women to stand up for their success in the workplace.

In this exclusive preview for PEOPLE, Silverman, 44, shares her own struggles with inequality in Hollywood. The actress reveals an instance where she was discriminated against due to her gender and voices her support for women’s equality.

“I think the best person for the job should get jobs,” says Silverman. “I’m all for women having to work harder to prove themselves at this juncture, if that’s the way it is in the world. But if you work a job, and a man is working the same job, you should be getting paid the same.”

Ask4More, run by Levo – the largest professional network working to help millennials achieve career success – is a nine-day campaign designed to “empower and equip women with the tools and resources” for a successful career.

In the video, Silverman also compares her experience to time spent on the basketball court. The A Million Ways to Die in the West star said she plays the sport with “mostly men,” and is often harder on herself than her opponents.

“Every basket you miss is like missing a hundred baskets,” says Silverman, “and that comes from inside.”

The star goes on to complain that she feels women can be too hard on themselves, and that one solution is learning to “understand what we deserve.”

“We deserve quality lives with equality, and maybe control over our own human bodies without the government getting involved, to do whatever we get great at and do, and it has to come from inside and understanding that you deserve it,” Silverman says.

“There’s something with just being able to ask for what you want, politely, respectfully,” she encourages.

Other supporters of the Ask4More campaign include Chelsea Clinton, Natalie Morales and Sheryl Sandberg.

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