Britta Hanson is a former roommate of Bristol Palin and an aspiring nurse

By Lorenzo Benet
May 20, 2011 07:40 PM
Courtesy The Palin Family

The wedding may have surprised many outside Alaska, but to those who know Sarah Palin’s new daughter-in-law Britta Hanson, the marriage to Track Palin seemed almost inevitable.

Here are five things to know about this 21-year-old hometown girl who has longtime ties to both the Palin family and Wasilla:

1. Already lived with one Palin
Last year, Hanson roomed with Track’s sister, Bristol Palin, in Bristol’s three-bedroom condominium in Anchorage. Willow Palin would frequently come by for sleepovers. “I was scared to live by myself,” Bristol told Harper’s Bazaar.

2. Has acting chops
While her new mother-in-law is no stranger to the spotlight, Britta has her own experience on a stage. She played the sharp-witted Elizabeth Bennet in a local production of Pride and Prejudice. “Britta does well whatever she applies herself too, says Garry Forrester, executive director of Valley Performing Arts.

3. Knows her way around the governor’s office
Hanson was an executive secretary in the office of the governor from 2008 to 2011 under both Palin and current Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell.

4. Future Nurse
A nursing student at the University of Alaska, Hanson recently earned a scholarship from the Mat-Su Health Foundation. After graduation, she plans to work in a local hospital.

5. Wasilla down to her snow boots
A high school sweetheart of Track, Hanson graduated in 2007 from Wasilla High School, where she was a “dynamite soccer player,” says assistant principal Dan Michael. She is also the daughter of a local minister – dad Duane Hanson is the pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Wasilla.