Sarah Palin's husband Todd is in "intensive care," a source close to the Palin family tells PEOPLE

By Char Adams Tierney McAfee
March 14, 2016 10:25 PM
Anchorage Daily News/MCT/Landov

Sarah Palin stopped by a Donald Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, hours after announcing that her husband, Todd, had been injured in a “very serious” snow mobile accident.

“Thank you guys, for your prayers for my husband, who is recovering right now in the ICU after a little wreck on a snow machine, so thank you … a big wreck,” Palin told the crowd in Tampa.

Palin’s husband is currently in stable but serious condition at a local hospital in Anchorage, Alaska, where he is scheduled to undergo surgery, according to the Iron Dog, the organizers of a snow mobile race Todd competes in every year.

Kevin Kastner, executive director of the Iron Dog, says in a statement, “Everyone at the Iron Dog sends its warmest get well wishes and is keeping Todd in our thoughts and prayers as he recovers from his injuries. This is a good time to remind your friends, family and loved ones to always wear your safety gear. As has been said before danger never takes a vacation.”

The Associated Press later reported that the former politician’s husband broke eight ribs in the accident. Jim Palin, Todd’s father who told the AP about the rib fractures, also said that his son suffered injuries to his collarbone and lungs, but he doesn’t know the severity.

Adding that his son is “tough,” Jim said that he expects Todd to make a full recovery.

Palin, the former governor of Alaska, abruptly pulled out of a Trump event in The Villages, Florida, earlier on Monday due to her husband’s injury. Trump’s campaign announced the cancellation in a statement that said: “Governor Palin is returning to Alaska to be with her husband and looks forward to being back on the campaign trail soon.”

Palin spent Sunday campaigning for the presidential hopeful at the Arcadia All Florida Championship Rodeo and Strawberry Festival in Florida, but she booked a flight back to Alaska after her husband’s Sunday night accident.

“Todd Palin was in a very serious snow machine crash last night, currently hospitalized in intensive care,” a source close to the family tells PEOPLE.

“Governor Palin has been on the phone with doctors and family all morning – booked best of limited flights back to Alaska via Tampa – will stop by Trump Tampa town gall on way to airport and not travel to Ohio or The Villages as planned.”

Sarah and Todd Palin
Anchorage Daily News/MCT/Landov

The source adds that Palin has been in touch with the Trump campaign, “who have been fantastically understanding as always that family comes first.”

Just hours before the announcement, Palin was campaigning for the presidential hopeful at the Florida events among a crowd of Trump supporters.

Sarah Palin (far left) and rodeo guests

“He’s the only one not part of the problems we’re facing today,” she said at the rodeo, according to The News-Press. “All of the other guys are part of it.”

Sarah Palin (center)
Source: Sarah Palin/Facebook

She added: “[Trump] wants to get to work.”

The 52-year-old spoke with Trump supporters at the event, posing for photos with the rodeo-goers while holding a gun.

While Palin said it was “refreshing” to talk to supporters at the rodeo, some Arcadia residents were surprised to see her.

Sarah Palin (center)
Source: Sarah Palin/Facebook

“It was a huge surprise for her to come out to a small area like Arcadia,” one resident said, according to ABC 7.

Another rodeo-goer not only questioned Palin’s appearance at the event, but slammed her January endorsement of Trump.

“I don’t think there’s much substance that’s been offered up,” the resident, a Republican said. “I don’t think there’s much actual policy initiatives.”

Palin shared a slew of photos of her festival visit on her Facebook page. She addressed the recent violence at Trump’s campaigns, calling protesters at the events “thugs.”

She posed for several snaps with festival-goers as well was also photographed speaking with reporters.

Trump himself was in the sunshine state for a Sunday night rally in Boca Raton.