In a chapter titled "The Power Of Nice, and Saturday Night Live," the former vice presidential nominee praises the comedian, after he apologized to her five years ago.

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated November 19, 2015 02:00 AM
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Nearly five years ago, comedian Louis C.K. tweeted several profane jokes about Sarah Palin while drunk on a plane.

In February, he apologized to the former vice presidential nominee in person at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, completely winning her over.

So much so that Palin, 51, dedicated a chapter to C.K. in her new book Sweet Freedom.

“Maybe a bit of the, um, ‘uniqueness’ of #SweetFreedom featuring a guy like Louis C.K. in a devotion can illustrate the surprise encounters I believe are orchestrated for us that can lead to a connection for others’ edification” the former Alaska governor wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

Along with the post, Palin attached a photo of herself showing the page – titled “The Power Of Nice, and Saturday Night Live” – from her new book that she’s referring to. The mother of five even kindly autographed it with a note.

“Here I’m signing a copy of Sweet Freedom for the comedian while dashing through La Guardia; I’ll send it to him with a challenge for him to come slay salmon with me up North. Hope he’s gutsy enough to do so!” she continued.

This isn’t the first time, Palin has invited C.K. to fish with her. The Louie star previously stated he’d do it “in a heartbeat” during an interview with Howard Stern.