Sarah Palin Hits Back at 'Female Rapper' Azealia Banks After Twitter Rant: 'You're Obviously Not Exercising Enough Intelligence'

Azealia Banks ranted against Sarah Palin in a series of since-deleted Tweets

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This week in weird feuds: Sarah Palin is standing up for herself against Azealia Banks after the rapper unleashed a fury of NSFW tweets directed at the former gov. of Alaska.

Banks, the 24-year-old artist behind popular songs like “212,” appeared to suggest that Palin be sexually assaulted in a series of since-deleted tweets, which were screengrabbed by the Media Research Center.

Seemingly responding to a satirical news article that jokingly reported Palin saying that black people “accepted [slavery] willingly,” Banks wrote that the former candidate for Vice President should be filmed during a sexual encounter.

She later clarified, in response to a fan’s message, that she “would never wish a woman to be raped.”

“I said ‘BANG’ as in bang some sense into that h-,” Banks wrote. In response to another user that said Palin “spews nonsense,” Banks added, “Like honestly, when has she ever said anything even remotely coherent or cohesive?”

The rapper also shared a link to a Huffington Post article about Palin, and a video clip of Tina Fey performing as the politician on Saturday Night Live.

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Palin didn’t keep silent on the matter for long, addressing Banks in a new Facebook post.

“Hey Female Rapper – listen up, little darling,” Palin, 52, wrote. “No one has any idea what you’re wigging out about in these bizarre, violent rants against me, but you’re obviously not exercising enough intelligence to acknowledge you’ve been sucked into believing some fake interview in which I supposedly offered comments representing the antithesis of my truth.”

Palin noted that both women had “influential platform[s]” and should instead focus on working together to create “something worthwhile.”

“Like condemning racism, along with empowering young women to defend themselves against a most misogynist, degrading, devastating assault perpetrated by evil men – rape,” Palin wrote.

After noting that she’d be removing any Banks’ music on her daughter’s playlist, Palin parted with some goodwill toward the musician: “God bless you Ms. Banks, as you consider a change of heart.”

Banks is known for her controversial opinions – in the past, the New York native has hit at vegans and drawn headlines for homophobic slurs.

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