"He's got a great heart ... to go along with two inflated lungs now," Sarah Palin says of husband Todd's snowmobile injuries

Credit: Source: Sarah Palin/Facebook

Todd Palin is out of the intensive care unit and right where he belongs – resting on the couch.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took to Facebook on Thursday to give some good news on her husband’s recovery following a serious snowmobile accident earlier this month.

“So grateful for your prayers and support during Todd’s recovery! He’s in a good place – on the couch – insisting if there’s any good season for injury, it’s now.”

Why now?

” ‘March Madness is a great distraction,’ Todd reports. ‘And catching up on Deadliest Catch and Bering Sea Gold episodes is some awesome motivational therapy. I can’t wait to get on Bristol Bay waters and pick fish with the family!’ ” the former vice presidential candidate writes of her husband.

Palin last posted on Facebook about Todd’s condition on March 17, describing in detail the “long surgery” he underwent to repair numerous breaks in his body.

” docs essentially lifted and secured every rib with steel bands, anchored the broken clavicle with plates and rods, set aside repair of a broken shoulder for later (also later are more minor things like ACL/MCL knee injuries), still mechanically inflating one collapsed lung while other bruised lung, liver, etc., are watched; chest drain is working overtime to keep things clear.”

His extensive injuries required “a bit more than our usual fix-all up here – Duct tape,” Palin joked at the time.

In her new post on Thursday, Palin posted three photos of Todd, including one of herself sleeping in a chair by her husband’s hospital bed, and one of him relaxing on the couch at home with son Trig.

Palin praised her husband’s “great heart” in the post and they both thanked fans and friends for the “overwhelming” show of support.

“It IS overwhelming, friends’ goodness permeating the situation. Todd is always, always doing what he can for others, and rooting for anyone going through life’s trials. It’s amazing to realize his character is recognized outside of our four walls. He’s got a great heart … to go along with two inflated lungs now, metal holding bones together, and stitched up epidermis that makes him appreciate good health more than ever.”