"He's going rogue left and right. That's why he's doing so well" the former Alaska governor says

By Tierney McAfee
January 19, 2016 04:55 PM

Sarah Palin, full of folksy fire and fury, gave her endorsement to Donald Trump Tuesday night, saying he’s the guy to topple the status-quo-loving Republican Party establishment.

“They’ve been wearing their political correctness kinda like a suicide vest,” Palin said at a raucous rally in Ames, Iowa, with a grinning Trump at her side. ” ‘You guys are all sounding kinda angry’ is what we’re hearing from the establishment. Doggone right we’re angry! Justifiably so!”

In a lengthy and lively speech, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate credited Trump as a “new and independent” voice. “He’s going rogue left and right! That’s why he’s doing so well.”

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump

To veteran GOP leaders in the “Establishment” that hasn’t quite cottoned to Trump and his brand of politics in this presidential campaign, Palin was blunt: “With their failed agenda, it can’t be salvaged, it must be savaged and Donald Trump is the right one to do that.”

For his part, Trump, who will additionally campaign with Palin at two events in Norwalk, Iowa, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday, cast her seal of approval as a long-sought prize.

“We’re gonna give ’em hell,” Trump said, after kissing Palin on the cheek. “From Day One, I said if I ever do this I have to get her support. … She understands it better than anybody.”

Palin, who has supported Trump rival Ted Cruz in the past, said she decided to pick a favorite in the GOP primary because she is “trying to stir it up a little bit maybe.”

Palin and Trump have long admired each other, and the billionaire businessman has said he would “love” to have her as a member of his Cabinet. (“She’s really a special person,” he said in a July interview.) The two expressed their mutual respect for each other in August when Palin interviewed Trump for One America News, and they joined forces again in September to protest the Iran deal with a rally on Capitol Hill (along with Ted Cruz and others).

Trump isn’t the only one who’s happy with Palin’s choice. Her daughter Bristol urged her to back the billionaire businessman over rival Cruz after the Texas senator’s campaign spokesman said a Trump endorsement could hurt Palin.

“After hearing what Cruz is now saying about my mom, in a negative knee-jerk reaction, makes me hope my mom does endorse Trump,” Bristol wrote on her blog on Tuesday.

“I didn’t go to Harvard Law School, but I know this: You can like two people in a race, but there will only one president,” she continued. “The audacity to suggest that because she chooses one over the other will somehow ‘damage’ her just shows arrogance.”

Trump teased Palin’s appearance on his Facebook page Sunday afternoon, writing, “Join me on Tuesday, January 19th at the Iowa State University Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center in Ames, Iowa! I will have a major announcement and a very special guest in attendance. You will not want to miss this rally!”

And when a small twin-engine charter jet left Anchorage, Alaska, for Des Moines on Monday evening, conservative politics watchers quickly put two and two together.