The actress reveals a secret fave fragrance: the smell of her 4-year-old's bedroom

By Sara Hammel
Updated August 08, 2007 09:00 AM

She’s just launched a second perfume, but Sarah Jessica Parker admits she has another favorite scent to breathe in.

“Not to sound treacly, but it would be how my son’s bedroom smells when you walk in,” Parker – who, with husband Matthew Broderick, is the mother of son James Wilkie, 4 – tells USA Today.

The fragrance, she says, is “clean, and it’s mixed with their sweat while they’re sleeping and the cotton of their blankets and the moisture that’s right underneath their hair. But you almost don’t want to share it.”

Parker’s newest perfume is Coty’s Covet, which sells for $68 and comes two years after her first successful fragrance, Lovely. (“They let me,” she tells the newspaper as the reason for a new scent.)

But Parker reveals that while it may appear she’s the queen of glamour, at home she’s just a typical harried mom. “I wake up and have a fight with my son about putting sunscreen on,” she laments.

Asked about a start date for the Sex and the City movie, she says: “No word yet. Not official. But it looks more promising than it did the first time, let’s put it this way.”

She adds, “It would shoot very soon, and it would be a summer movie, like the show was summer fare. We’re in some kind of prep, but it’s not determined yet.”