Did Sarah Hyland's Ex Mock Her New Tattoos with Boyfriend Dominic Sherwood?

The Modern Family star's ex took to Twitter to drop hints about her new ink

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Sarah Hyland and her new boyfriend, Dominic Sherwood, took their romance to the next level earlier this month when they got coordinating tattoos, and Hyland’s ex is not happy about it.

On March 8, Hyland, 24, shared a photo of herself getting arrow tattoos with a female friend at Shamrock Social Club, a popular tattoo parlor in Hollywood that counts Cate Blanchett and Miley Cyrus among its clients.

“What did I do this weekend? Got some ink with my best friends,” the Modern Family star wrote, adding that they got three arrows.

While she didn’t share a snap of the third arrow tattoo, Sherwood, 25, posted a similar-looking arrow tattoo from the same weekend, calling it “evidence of last night’s escapades.”

While the new ink looked like just a bit of (permanent) fun between the new couple and their friend, Hyland’s ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop made vague references to Hyland’s new body art on Twitter earlier this week.

“Never make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings,” Prokop, 24, wrote.

He continued, “I’ll be honest. It hurts like hell watching someone you care about slowly ruin their life. When you can’t do anything to help. #FallenAngel”

Hyland and Prokop, who dated for five years, split in August. In September, the actress obtained a temporary restraining order against Prokop, alleging that he was verbally and physically abuse towards her and, at one point, attempted to choke her.

Hyland has yet to directly address Prokop’s Tweets, but she did share on March 11 that she was sitting down for the final table read for the sixth season of Modern Family.

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