The former Second Daughter got married in a casual ceremony under an historic Torrey Pine tree
Credit: David Palermo

The bride and groom stood on mulch, inside a heart made of rose petals, while Al and Tipper Gore looked on from the lawn outside Lucky Llama Coffee.

Such was the unconventional wedding of the former Vice President’s youngest daughter, Sarah, 35, to Montecito, Calif.-based pianist Patrick Maiani. The couple said their vows Friday beneath an historic Torrey Pine tree in the beach town of Carpinteria, Calif., before ambling down the street to Crushcakes & Café.

It is a second marriage for the former Second Daughter, an artist whose Beverly Hills wedding to businessman Bill Lee in 2007 was decidedly more upscale – including tens of thousands of dollars in rose floral arrangements alone.

This weekend, the only arranged flowers were the bride’s bouquet – of red and white roses with purple hydrangea – plus matching pink corsages for the groom, the father of the bride, and the bride’s sister, Kristin. It does not appear that their siblings, Karenna and Albert, attended.

A spokesperson for the former Vice President did not respond to messages seeking confirmation.

“It was a fun little intimate reception. They came in, had breakfast with their wedding party and cut their cake,” said Alyssa Murray, the wedding and events manager for the café.

“It was kind of a last-minute thing, and really cute here in our small little beach town. They all had lattes, huevos rancheros and different egg scrambles. It was a very small party – about 10 to 15 people,” said Murray.

“We gave the bride a strawberry blush cupcake just for fun,” said Murray. A round vegan vanilla bean cake was the official wedding dessert.

Café owner Shannon Gaston tells PEOPLE, “It was shocking. He talked to us, let us take pictures. He was just such a normal person and it was a real, real-family affair. But all of us kept wondering, Where are his security guards?”

Local resident Larry Nimmer was not among the guests, but was getting his regular coffee at the Lucky Llama when, he said, “without warning, Al Gore was suddenly leading his daughter through the field to get married.”

Nimmer filmed the event and asked the former Vice President, “What’s your advice to have a successful marriage?” Gore simply responded, “No interviews today.”

“But then I didn’t realize until afterwards, he’s separated,” said Nimmer. “Although you could say his marriage was successful for a number of years.” Check out Nimmer’s video below.