Sara Evans to Husband: Don't Spend Our Money

The singer claims in court papers that her husband withdrew $275,000 from joint accounts

Sara Evans has been granted a restraining order against her estranged husband, Craig Schelske, that prohibits him from withdrawing money from their joint accounts, PEOPLE has learned.

Evans’s attorney, John Hollins Sr., filed for the restraining order Monday, along with an amended divorce complaint that alleges Schelske transferred a total of $275,000 from his and Evans’s joint personal and business bank accounts into an account in his name only, on Oct. 12 – the same day Evans filed for divorce.

Schelske’s rep had not yet seen the filing when reached by PEOPLE for comment.

However, a source close to Schelske tells PEOPLE: “Craig is going to drop a bombshell this week. He will be telling his side of the story.”

The recent restraining order stops Schelske from withdrawing money from his and Evans’s business checking account, joint personal tithe checking account, personal checking account, or other financial accounts, including a personal checking account in Schelske s name. He s also prohibited from liquidating any of their marital assets.

In the original divorce filing, both Evans and Schelske were barred from transferring, assigning, borrowing or concealing any of the couple’s marital assets without court permission.

The amended divorce complaint also asserts that during the couple’s marriage they accumulated substantial assets earned almost exclusively by Evans whose financial advisor, it says, paid all their living expenses.

After announcing last week that she’s quitting ABC’s Dancing with the Stars to deal with matters in her personal life, the country star accused her husband of adultery and inappropriate conduct, according to court papers. Schelske said in a statement over the weekend that he adamantly denies the allegations against him.

Evans, 35, and Schelske, 43, married in 1993 and have three children ranging in age from 2 to 7.

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