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October 06, 2015 05:00 PM

You’d think Santa Claus would be a shoo-in for office in the North Pole, but he’s gotta run for office just like everyone else.

Specifically, the former North Pole Chamber of Commerce President, whose legal name is actually Santa Claus, is one of two write-in candidates for city council in North Pole, Alaska. The other is La Nae Bellamy.

Apparently, North Pole’s City Council has two seats up for election this year, and no one filed for office during the allotted period. Candidates run as a group in this event, and Tuesday, residents are allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice.

But perhaps Claus is setting his sites a little low: North Pole Mayor Bryce Ward is running uncontested in his re-election bid.

The last time we heard from Mr. Claus, he (or, you know, another Santa) was attempting to legalize marijuana at the North Pole.

“As far as the image goes here at North Pole, how do most people perceive Santa Claus?” Claus said at the time. “I would say Santa Claus is a pretty jolly fellow.”

Update: Santa has reached out with a statement regarding this and our previous story. It is below:

“That article and the article you just published this week contain inaccurate info. I was not ‘petitioning to legalize marijuana in North Pole.’ I was commenting to North Pole City Council in June, expressing my view that, as an Alaska State registered medical marijuana patient myself, I did not want City Council here blocking cannabis dispensaries from being established in North Pole in 2016. After my comments, the Council voted in favor of permitting cannabis dispensaries in North Pole after the State of Alaska implements its regulatory process in 2016.”

“The State of Alaska decriminalized cannabis in 1975, with certain restrictions.
The State of Alaska legalized cannabis earlier this year, with restrictions.
The State of Alaska currently is formulating regulations, regarding the sale of cannabis in general and through dispensaries, for implementation in 2016.”

“Anyone interested in specific info on Alaska laws and regulations regarding cannabis/marijuana in Alaska can contact:”

“I ran in the election for North Pole City Council yesterday and won’t know the results until next Tuesday, because the race is too close to call. The other candidates in the City Council race are anti-marijuana/cannabis. The People articles may have had a detrimental impact on my campaign and outcome of the election, especially the article you published on election day. We’ll see next week.”

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