Friends say the couple are moving on after a woman allegedly tried to kill James

By Simon Perry
Updated April 30, 2007 08:55 AM
Credit: Fernando Allende / NY Post / Splash; Fame

Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James are doing fine after a woman allegedly tried to kill James last weekend, friends say.

“It surprised me,” comic George Lopez, whose sitcom Bullock produces, said Sunday at an event for the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California in Burbank, Calif. “It’s unfortunate that with celebrity comes that kind of thing, and it’s unfortunate that you really can’t do anything until somebody does something like this.”

Cops say Marcia Valentine, 46, tried to run James over three or four times outside his and Bullock’s Southern California home on April 22 in front of Bullock and James’s 10-year-old son Jesse Jr. Valentine fled the scene but was arrested the following day.

Said Lopez’s wife, Ann: “We had dinner with them the night after it happened and they were both fine, and they were both talking about it. I guess this person had been harassing them for some time and actually her going that far was a good thing, because they were able to put her away before – you know, the way the laws are, until you [can] actually do something, sometimes that’s too late.”

Joked Lopez, “And you really can’t run over the guy from Monster Garage. It’s not gonna happen!”

Asked if Bullock, 42, and James, 38, were able to have a sense of humor about what happened, Lopez said, “Yeah, yeah – they always do.”

George Lopez Show star Constance Marie said the pair are getting on with their lives. “We had George Lopez’s birthday party that night, and they never mentioned a thing,” she said. “They were wonderful and I think it’s a testament to her and him. They’re very down-to-earth and it’s an unfortunate thing that happened, and let’s not glamorize it or make it any bigger. It happened and they’ll deal with it.”

Reporting by SCOTT HUVER