Sandra Bullock Gets Outpouring of Love, Support from Fans

The actress "is America's sweetheart and the whole country is behind her," writes one fan

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Sandra Bullock is still America’s Sweetheart: That is clear from the outpouring of support the Best Actress Oscar winner has gotten from fans since allegations of infidelity by her husband Jesse James surfaced.

“This breaks my heart!” writes Michele Giacobbe, one of the thousands of readers who posted Facebook comments on “I really feel for Sandra and hope that she and Jesse can work through this. I was really rooting for this Hollywood couple.”

“She is a strong, beautiful woman,” writes Lyka Ice. “His loss, completely, and he knows it, too.”

On Twitter one person says, “So sad for the wonderful Sandy. She deserves SO MUCH better.”
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Many in cyberspace lavish praise on the actress, but have choice words of a different sort for her husband.

“Sandra is such a class act and loved by so many people,” writes Betty Miller. “My heart goes out to her. Jesse, you hurt more people than you will ever know, and yes, you deserve everything bad you get.”

Bullock has been mum on the scandal, but sources say she left the family home in Southern California days before the allegations came to light and suddenly pulled out of the U.K. premiere of The Blind Side, for which she won every major lead actress award this year.

James broke his silence Thursday, issuing an apology to his wife and children but saying most of the claims made are untrue.

Still, it’s clear that Bullock’s fans know their favorite leading lady has an emotional road ahead.

“She is a wonderful woman who has done much for many. I am sure she will be able to move past this,” writes Toni Shrophire in a Facebook comment. “It will take time and positive support from family and friends to help her through these dark times. She will move forward but you never forget. The key is to not allow this to eat away at her.”

Adds Yvonne Navarro Martell, “I’m so sorry Sandra. You are too good for him. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s your fault. Don’t buy into that lie.”

One Facebook poster puts the sentiments succinctly: “Sandra is America’s sweetheart and the whole country is behind her.”

And the fans will surely be there when Bullock is ready to return to the limelight. “Whatever the situation I’m sure Sandra Bullock will handle it with poise and dignity,” writes Angela James.

And Cassandra Lee Slone is optimistic about Bullock’s future, writing, “Don’t worry Sandra, once the pain heals you’ll be the hottest thing on the block.”

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