Sanaa Lathan: What My Dogs Know About Me

"I'll do anything in front of my dogs," Sanaa Lathan tells PEOPLE

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Sanaa Lathan is never shy in front of her two dogs – English bulldog Pops, 11, and Briard Sophie, 8.

“I’ll do anything in front of my dogs,” the star of The Perfect Guy (out now) tells PEOPLE. “They’ve probably seen everything!”

Lathan, 44, admits that she spoils her furry friends with spa treatments and lavish grooming.

“Pops had a neck injury recently, [so] I took him to an acupuncturist who would massage him for 30 minutes every day,” she says. “Now he loves massages, so I give him doggy massages. He loves that.”

The actress also takes Pops for oatmeal whitening baths and gets blowouts for Sophie.

“They’re pampered,” she says. “I [also] get really great food for both of them. None of them eat canned food!”

Lathan says she sees elements of her own personality in each of her pets.

“There’s a side of me that’s very stubborn like Pops,” she says. “I’m a foodie like Pops, and I like to be silly like him. And Sophie is very loving, very affectionate. And I’m like that too.”

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