Sam Tageson, 17, was told by doctors he'd never play hockey – he's been playing since he was six

Call it a miracle on ice.

Sam Tageson, a 17-year-old with a heart condition, got to have a lifelong dream come true Tuesday night after signing a one-day contract with the San Jose Sharks.

“No way to top today,” Tageson told reporters, according to the Contra Costa Times . Tageson, born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, was warned by doctors against any kind of physical activity. But he’s been playing hockey since he was 6.

“It’s supposed to be debilitating,” Lisa Mills, his mother, told the Contra Costa Times. “They said he would be the child that would never ride a bicycle, never do any of that The doctors all through the years have said give him golf clubs, take the hockey stick away. We tried. It doesn’t work.”

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Sharks Foundation, Tageson was able to practice with the team Tuesday and skate onto the rink with them that evening. Tageson usually plays goalie, but was given the opportunity to practice his scoring moves on backup net minder Alex Stalock.

“[Doctors] have given up telling him no,” Tageson’s mom said of Sam’s love for the game. “They say he’ll stop when knows it’s time.”

That doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon, though.

Video Courtesy of NHL

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