The murals have reportedly already led to numerous dates, but there's no love match yet

March 04, 2015 01:30 PM

Pop songs make finding love in San Francisco sound easy, but at least one woman is still searching.

An anonymous woman hired a friend of a friend to paint massive murals around the city to help her find a boyfriend. The simple black-and-white pieces all feature the words “Looking for” followed by phrases like “someone to slow dance with” or “a Friday kind of love,” along with a phone number and the Web address

The painter of these pleas for love, many of which line a 54-ft. wall in San Francisco, says the 26-year-old woman has received numerous calls and even a few dates from the unique dating strategy, but no luck finding love … yet.

Even if the plan doesn’t pan out, the mysterious dater reportedly hopes the project makes others think about what they want in a relationship.

Would you risk putting your number out into a world of strangers to potentially find romance? Share your favorite dating strategies below.

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