Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa won the National League’s most valuable player of the year award this week, beating out home run king Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals in a heavily one-sided vote (438 points to 272) by a panel representing the Baseball Writers Association. “To put it in his words, today Sammy is the man. He did a great job carrying the Cubbies back to the playoffs,” said McGwire (who hit 70 home runs to Sosa’s 66) in a statement carried by The New York Times. Sosa finished the year with a league-leading 158 runs batted in and a .308 batting average. “I won’t have time to celebrate,” said the Dominican Republic’s most celebrated hero, referring to the devastation that a hurricane wrought on his homeland, “because I have a few people to take care of. Maybe after the New Year, I’ll have time to celebrate. But right now, I’m trying to take care of a lot of people who are suffering.”

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