Lohan's favorite DJ can spin, but when it comes to her car she lacks spark

By Katie Kelly
December 01, 2008 03:10 PM

Samantha Ronson has pals in high places, but what she really needs is a good mechanic.

The DJ posted a MySpace celebrity blog describing how her car broke down Sunday when its battery died.

Despite her and a friend’s best efforts, they couldn’t get the vehicle to start again.

“My friend and I tried to jump it ourselves yesterday but it was too dead to spark,” writes Ronson, 30, best known as gal pal of Lindsay Lohan.

“Anyway, I had to move the car and didn’t feel like pushing it to a gas station, not that I even had that option thanks to the fact that I couldn’t even put the car in neutral. So we called it quits and today called a tow truck.”

Just don’t expect to see Ronson at a car dealership anytime soon. She feels a special connection to her Cadillac and isn’t quite ready to end that relationship.

“I never drive the car,” says Ronson, “but don’t wanna get rid of it coz I’m really attached to her, we’ve had some good road trips.”