Lindsay Lohan's BFF blogs about how L.A. just doesn't swing like it does back East


Lindsay can’t be that bad a roommate, right?

Samantha Ronson, the L.A.-based DJ who sources say moved in with Lohan a few weeks ago, is missing New York this summer.

In a new post on her MySpace Celebrity blog, Ronson, who’s currently spinning at the Crimson Lounge in Chicago, spilled her love for the Big Apple and the people there.

“I was spinning the other night in LA, and as I played those songs, I realized that even though the date indicates summer is in full swing, the feeling in the city doesn’t,” she writes.

New Yorkers, on the other hand, appreciate summer after making it through so many winter months, Ronson notes.

Ronson was born in England but spends a lot of time in New York. She co-owns the Plumm, a New York hotspot, with Chris Noth and other celebrities.

She also has family in the city, and writes that she misses sitting “on the pink bench outside my sister’s store,” where she can “people watch and listen.”

California winters may be nice, but Ronson says, “For the summer – I’ll take Manhattan!”