Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend credits good genes for looking svelte in recent bikini shots

By Alyssa Shelasky
Updated October 03, 2008 11:30 AM
Credit: National Photo Group

How does Samantha Ronson maintain the trim figure she showed off during her recent romantic Mexican getaway with Lindsay Lohan? It’s all in the genes.

Ronson, 30, who’s rarely seen wearing anything other than jeans, sneakers, and her porkpie hat, told PEOPLE that she was “never more unhappy” about being snapped in her bathing suit during her trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. But the deejay is laughing off the incident – and the Internet buzz it generated.

“That’s very funny,” Ronson said after hearing that fans were impressed by her svelte figure.

When asked about the secrets to her slim physique, Ronson, 30, told PEOPLE that less – a lot less – is more: “No gym – well, not in the last five years. All the credit goes to Mom and Dad and their genes!”

Not that she doesn’t indulge in the occasional cardio activity: “Sprinting through airports to catch flights,” Ronson added about her workout “regiment.”

The deejay even jokes about one of her only vices: Marlboro Reds. “I get winded just reaching for my cigarettes!” she said.

Emotionally, she’s in even better shape, thanks to her relationship with Lohan. A friend close to the actress says Ronson is “the best and happiest thing to ever happen to Lindsay.”