Samantha Harris's Secret to Dropping Baby Weight

Four months since giving birth to Josselyn, the DWTS host indulges in sushi and the gym

Photo: Roger Karnbad/Celebrity Photo

Dancing with the Stars host Samantha Harris hit the Silver Spoon Suite at Voda Spa in West Hollywood earlier this week, looking fit and fabulous just four months after giving birth to daughter Josselyn. Her secret? Baby curls!

“Lifting the baby a lot is really working the arms,” Harris told PEOPLE. “I’ll do squats while holding her, or try to do an arm curl with her, just being playful. Sometimes I do push-ups with her on the ground, and give her a kiss each time that I get down to her.”

But it took a lot more than a couple baby lifts to get the 34-year-old’s body back to camera-ready. The fitness buff, who scaled down her cardio intensity while pregnant, is now hitting the gym with full force. It’s “slowly coming back,” said Harris. “I’m doing yoga, I’m doing interval training, cardio-sculpting classes, working with weights… ”

But enough about work. Harris also says she couldn’t wait to indulge in after pregnancy. “I was very excited to get back to my spicy tuna rolls,” she said, “and all the sushi that I love.”

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