Sam Ronson's Mom: She's Doing Great Post-Split

Plus, a pal who knows Lindsay Lohan, praises the actress for her dating ad spoof

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Don’t worry about Samantha Ronson.

The celebrity deejay, who recently split with longtime girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, is just fine, her mother, Ann Dexter Jones, told PEOPLE Wednesday at Thompson LES, where she was celebrating Charlotte Ronson and Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss’s Made With Love swimsuit line at a party hosted by Lucky magazine.

“She’s doing great,” Dexter Jones, told PEOPLE when asked how Ronson is faring after her high-profile breakup. “She’s really, really well.”

For now, Ronson is keeping herself busy, said her mom, who will soon debut her line of high-end jewelry in London and Los Angeles. “She’s always working. But I don’t pry,” said Dexter Jones. “I’m giving her her space. She’s strong and smart and with a great heart.”

As for her thoughts on Lohan, Ronson’s mom would only say, “Sam is a strong, fabulous girl But I think it is good that I don’t comment on Lindsay.”

A pal who knows both the Lohan and the Ronson clans, says that the actress is relying on her family for support and getting back to work. “Lindsay’s great,” said the close pal. “She’s working really hard on her career. At the same time, it was nice to see that her mother and her sister came out to support her. Sometimes down moments bring that closeness.”

The same friend also praised Lohan for making light of the situation in her fake eHarmony ad, saying, “She let people know she’s still young and fun with lots of energy and talent by making fun of herself.”

In terms of Lohan and Ronson’s future, the source said, “I think it [is] nice for them to take a little break. And who knows, it’s not permanent … They could end up back together.”

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