July 29, 2016 11:20 PM

There’s a lot of talent in the Hayek family.

Actress Salma Hayek and athlete Yvonne Trevi o Hayek – who is representing Mexico in the 2016 Rio Olympics this summer – are related, according to Hola! Mexico.

The magazine states that Trevi o Hayek – who lives and trains in Houston, Texas – is Salma’s father’s cousin’s granddaughter. She will be the first person in 48 years to be on Mexico’s team competing in the long jump event.

“It is important that people know that the road is not pure triumphs,” Trevi o Hayek told Hola! Mexico. “It is a path you need character. Sometimes you miss, you get hurt, that things do not go as expected … So it is in life and in the life of an athlete.”

She continued: “It is very important learning experiences that are forging and you are the tools that I have to meet this challenge.”

But, Trevi o Hayek isn t the only Hayek family member who dreamt of going to the Olympics. Salma, 49, was an incredible gymnast and aspired to compete in the Games when she was a kid.

“They drafted me … to be part of the Olympic team!” Salma told the New Zealand Herald in 2012. “But I was eight or nine and my father said no because I would have had to go live in Mexico City in a boarding school for gymnasts, do six hours, eight hours a day of training, which for me was like paradise.”

Although her father said no, Salma doesn’t hold a grudge against him because it all worked out for the actress, who’s had an amazing career in Hollywood.

“My father thought I wouldn’t have had a normal childhood, and he wanted me to be normal,” she explained. “It’s too bad that with all his efforts it didn’t work out! But anyway, it worked out for me because now I’m an actress!”

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