Salma Hayek opens up about her dating mistakes and finding Mr. Right

By Mia McNiece
August 21, 2015 06:20 PM
Jim Smeal/WireImage; Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBC

Happily married Salma Hayek says if she could travel back in time, she would definitely have some advice to give to her single former self.

The actress-producer, 48, who married François-Henri Pinault, the CEO of the French luxury conglomerate Kering, in 2009, admits in this week’s PEOPLE she had to kiss a lot of frogs before finding “the best guy in the world.”

“I would have said to myself, ‘Don’t even bother dating that one. He is a waste of time,’ ” she says of previous boyfriends.

Today, the actress-producer is smitten with her billionaire fashion mogul husband – whose company owns clothing lines including Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Gucci – and wishes she had known such a man existed when she was in her 30s.

“I didn’t know there could be such a fantastic man in the world,” she says, adding that when the two were first set up by a Gucci executive in 2006 she knew right away he was special.

“My husband deserves a medal,” she tells PEOPLE. “He is so supportive and inspires me to try to be my best self in all the different aspects of life.”

And while the two have extremely busy work schedules, they make sure to spend plenty of time with each other and their 7-year-old daughter, Valentina.

“We always block time out to spend time together as a family. It is very important to us and we are very good at it,” she says.

And after nine years together she says the secret to their successful relationship is that she “still discovers wonderful things about him. That’s great because you never get bored!”

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