Sakimi Chan's art casts Disney princesses in a new light
Credit: Sakimi Chan

What if The Little Mermaid were a large merman?

Did we just blow your mind?

Well, we can’t take full credit for it. Sakimi Chan, a digital artist based in Canada, specializes in exactly this sort of thing. And Chan’s gender-swapped portraits of female Disney characters are a) very pretty, and b) excellent for raising questions about just what Disney films are saying.


Would Frozen‘s sibling storyline be affected if one of the sisters was a guy?


Maleficent may have just been considered a strong leader if she’d been a man.

The Little Mermaid

It would be kind of refreshing to have a guy lose his voice for the sake of pursuing a woman, wouldn’t it? But we might lose our favorite Zoolander joke in the process.

101 Dalmatians

Carl DeVille – as we’ve taken the liberty of christening this portrait – would probably have just been considered a forward-thinking, motivated businessman instead of a villain.

See more of Chan’s work on Tumblr, Facebook and deviantART.

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