By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 22, 2004 05:40 PM

Riding a horse wasn’t so simple for “The Simple Life” star Paris Hilton.

On Friday the hotel heiress was thrown from the animal while shooting a sequence for the second season of her FOX reality show, reports Reuters. Other reports say she was kicked in the stomach by the white horse at the Brooksville, Fla., ranch belonging to Jimmy Batten, who was hosting Hilton and costar Nicole Richie.

Hilton, 23, was airlifted to a hospital on Florida’s Gulf Coast but “did not sustain any major injuries,” according to a statement from FOX TV. She was later released.

FOX spokesman Chris Alexander told Reuters that Hilton was able to walk after falling off the horse, “but to err on the absolute side of caution, we made a decision to Medevac her” to a hospital.

“Whenever you’re dealing with talent, you always want to be extra careful,” he added.

Production began March 11 on the second season of “Simple Life,” which this year will take Hilton and Richie in an Airstream trailer on the road across America from Florida back to Beverly Hills.

Batten, 57, who runs a feed store (and, citing a confidentiality agreement, refused to give his horse’s name), tells the New York Post he “was really concerned” after Hilton took her spill and, furthermore, “it’s a good horse.”

As for Hilton and Richie, he said: “They’re wonderful girls to be around.”

In an accompanying photo, Hilton is shown leaving the hospital while baring her midriff and stroking her stomach, which shows no signs of being black and blue.