Source: Lily Jourdan/Twitter
May 06, 2016 04:45 PM

Thousands are rallying behind an 89-year old “sad grandma” in Thompson, Connecticut.

Her disappointment was made public when her granddaughter Jenean Jourdan, a 24-social worker who also lives in Thompson, tweeted that Magdalene Jourdan “felt like a fool” after no one attended her first-ever art reception.

The 89-year old woman, who has been an artist for more than six decades, had toiled over 43 pieces of art prior to the event at the local library, Jourdan said. When the long-awaited day arrived a stylishly dressed Magdalene, a native of Montreal, Canada, found herself almost alone with only two townspeople and a few relatives at the event, reports Buzzfeed News.

Jenean couldn’t attend because of work obligations. Her 17-year old sister, Lily, also didn’t attend because of an out-of-town softball game conflict, reported Buzzfeed.

The happy news is that Magdalene apparently wasn’t snubbed by the townspeople.

Although the library posted the event on its Facebook page, no invitations were sent. Magdalene has only lived in town for two years so many of the area’s approximately 9,400 residents likely don’t know her (although 18 people did indicate on Facebook that they attended), reported Buzzfeed.

Although attendance at the event was almost non-existent, Magdalene’s online popularity is booming with 14,000 retweets in response to Jenean’s postings.

Tweets to the family range from promising to try to visit Thompson and see the exhibit before it closes May 25 to wishes of love.

“The love for my grandmother is unreal,” tweeted Jenean.

Angeli Mentan seemed to sum up many people’s feelings by responding, “Nah she’s all our grandma now. We got your back! #GoToGrandmasArtShow.”

The story is reminiscent of the March “sad grandpa” that became a viral sensation after his grandchildren didn’t show up to a cookout at his home.

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