October 30, 2002 11:40 AM

Winona Ryder spent the second day of her shoplifting trial — which also happened to be her 31st birthday — watching, along with everyone else, a detailed, sometimes frame-by-frame examination of a 90-minute security video taken inside Saks Fifth Avenue that fateful day she was arrested last December, PEOPLE reports.

“I really hate to break this up right now. We’re really engrossed in this video,” Superior Court Judge Elden Fox said sarcastically in his Beverly Hills courtroom, where the “Girl, Interrupted” actress is being tried for allegedly swiping nearly $6,000 worth of merchandise from the department store. She has pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution wrapped up its direct examination of Saks security man Kenneth Evans, taking him through the final hour of the video, which climaxed with Ryder wandering out of the store with the merchandise before being confronted by three security guards. The trio then brought her back into the store for questioning, and Ryder ultimately was arrested by Beverly Hills police.

Evans testified that he found four security tags that the actress allegedly cut with scissors she brought into the store. He said the tags were found in a section that Ryder had visited, and that the tags had material that matched holes in two handbags and a hair bow that she allegedly stole.

Defense attorney Mark Geragos tossed sharp questions Evans’ way, which finally didn’t sit well with the judge. “Mr. Geragos, you’re trying my patience,” said the jurist. Shot back Geragos: “The witness is trying my patience.”

Geragos also put the pressure on Saks itself, suggesting the store should have helped Ryder handle the large amounts of merchandise she was carrying — rather than detain her for stealing it. “Do you have sales people at Saks?” Geragos asked, as the video showed Ryder stumbling through the store, her arms full of purses, bags, hats and clothes — much of which she’d later be accused of stealing.

“Yes, we do,” Evans answered.

On the first day of her trial, Ryder alternately seemed scared, angry and tearful. On Day Two she often appeared indignant — smirking, shaking her head and rolling her eyes as Evans testified.

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