Ryan Seacrest Opens Up About Fame, Love and Turning 40

The American Idol host tells PEOPLE that he's ready to make a big commitment

Photo: Sheryl Nields

Ryan Seacrest is head over heels.

In fact, his new love – a fresh-faced, raven-haired beauty who’s totally into him too – moved into his Beverly Hills home five months ago.

So what if Seacrest’s new roomie is a 40-lb. black Lab named Georgia?

“It’s a big deal,” says Seacrest, relaxed and upbeat as he settles into a couch on his cliff-side patio overlooking a pool and the sprawl of Los Angeles below.

“I’ve never done this before!”

The 39-year-old American Idol host says committing to a puppy “is me saying to myself, ‘You should have a little responsibility’ … I’m turning 40 and it’s a turning point number. You go, ‘Wait, you’ve got to grow up a little bit.'”

Not that Seacrest’s been slacking till now.

As one of the busiest stars in show business, the Emmy winner has built a $400 million multimedia empire, that includes Idol, a syndicated daily radio show, the weekly American Top 40 countdown, a production company, charitable foundation, and now, a men’s clothing line for Macy’s.

The only missing piece in his action-packed life is a family to share it with.

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