Ryan Gosling says he's "concerned" for Harry Styles' health after a shirtless photo of Gosling made the singer's heart rate increase

By Char Adams
July 23, 2017 01:30 PM

Not even Harry Styles is immune to the magic that is Ryan Gosling.

During a recent episode of Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 show, the host had 23-year-old Styles hooked up to a heart monitor as he showed the singer/actor several images — including a shirtless photo of Gosling from the 2004 film The Notebook.

As anyone’s would, Styles’ heart rate seemed to jump when he saw the picture — as he declared that Gosling looked “very handsome.”

“It’s a good scene,” Styles added before denying that his heart was racing. “He’s great. He’s great.”

It’s no surprise that Styles is one of millions whose hearts react to shirtless photos of one of the hunkiest actors in Hollywood. But the 36-year-old actor said the incident had him worried about Styles’ health more than anything.

“I’m more concerned he might have a heart condition,” Gosling recently told Extra when asked about the radio show appearance. “It’s less about me and more about something more serious.”

The incident comes as Styles finds himself joining Gosling’s ranks as one of the industry’s most swoon-worthy actors. The former One Direction singer snagged a role in Dunkirk, the new Christopher Nolan film about the famous World War II battle.

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Styles plays a soldier fighting for his life in the new drama, which marks his first feature-length role.

“I was new to Harry. I mean, I’d heard his name from my kids, but I wasn’t really familiar with him,” Nolan recently told Entertainment Tonight. “What I was seeing [when Styles auditioned] was a very charismatic guy who clearly had a truthfulness and a subtlety in his ability to perform as a film actor.”