12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling's Dance Moves Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy (VIDEOS)

"Obviously I peaked early," the actor responds on Twitter, although we agree to disagree

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

Dear Ryan Gosling, we give up. Every day, we find new ways to fall in love with you. Our hearts hurt.

The latest reason: throwback videos of Gosling, 34, performing as a 12-year-old rising star/future heartthrob in 1992 at a dance recital.

Posted by Samantha Swire, a Ottawa, Canada, resident and owner of Kiwi Kraze frozen yogurt shops, the first clip shows the Mickey Mouse Club alum doing his very best Elvis. You’ve been warned: Watch these videos in the privacy of your own home if you’re prone to excitement-induced screaming when viewing Gosling-related content.

Swire tells PEOPLE she used to dance with Gosling pre-Mickey Mouse Club. “Everybody loved him,” she recalls. “You could tell that he was going somewhere.”

The second clip is a truly heroic dance number we can only describe as MC Hammer meets everything you dreamed about in the ’90s.

Oh, there’s more.

It’s a throwback to a simpler time: years before Hey Girl memes, The Notebook tears and the September birth of his daughter, who will inevitably watch these one day and think to herself in second-hand embarrassment, “Yes, that is my father.”

After watching the videos (brought to his attention by the Internet and producer Jane Chupick), Gosling took to Twitter with his own emotions.

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