Perhaps the bear was a Luddite

By Alex Heigl
Updated October 21, 2014 04:15 PM
Credit: Getty

Maybe the bear was a Mac user.

An unnamed Siberian man was looking for metals to sell at a rubbish dump near the village of Tomsk in western Siberia when he was accosted by a bear, also scavenging, though presumably not for metals, according to The Moscow Times.

The man reached for the nearest object, which happened to be a discarded computer, and chucked it at the bear, who fled.

“The villager hardly suffered at all; he injured his hand when throwing the device at the bear,” local ranger Sergei Yelnikov told the Times.

The BBC, citing the TASS news agency, says that bears have been known to invade human areas when food is scarce elsewhere. “There is not enough food for bears as the year is lean,” Yelnikov added, noting that some bears have resorted to cannibalism. “I know four bears that were killed by their own species in our district,” he said.

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