Danielle Spencer says she can't condone her husband's alleged phone fit

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated June 13, 2005 08:00 AM

Danielle Spencer was particularly irked by husband Russell Crowe’s behavior last week, after he was arrested on assault charges for allegedly throwing a telephone at his New York hotel concierge because he couldn’t get a call through to his wife in Australia.

Speaking to her local paper, the Sydney Sun-Herald, Spencer – admitting to frustration over their long-distance relationship but not condoning his actions – says: “I understand when you’re apart the loneliness kicks in and obviously the phone becomes of paramount importance. This is where it’s difficult, because I’m not condoning his behavior. I don’t want to make excuses for him, because I’m certainly not.”

She adds that Crowe, who went on to Late Show with David Letterman late last week to apologize for what he did, was “very aware of where he went wrong.”

Spencer, 35, was by herself in Sydney when her husband finally was able to get through to her on the phone, she tells the Sun-Herald. By then his news was that he’d been arrested and charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon, for allegedly throwing a phone at hotel employee Nestor Estrada.

“I was in my car on my own when I got news of the whole thing,” says Spencer. “Contrary to reports, I was not overheard in a restaurant saying, ‘Oh no, not again.’ That’s absolute rubbish.”

She thinks Crowe “showed great courage” by appearing with Letterman and says that she encouraged her husband to continue promoting his new movie, Cinderella Man.

“I didn’t at any time say to him, ‘Come home immediately,’ ” she says. “The movie he has made is a wonderful film, and I absolutely felt he should stay and fulfill his commitments to the film, as did Russell.”

As for the possibility of taking their 17-month-old son Charlie and meeting Crowe in the U.S., Spencer says she’s tied to staying home because of her own recording commitments. “These plans have been in place for a long time,” she explains. “Russell’s completely understanding of that.”