Russell Crowe Set to Rock in Texas

“Gladiator” Oscar winner Russell Crowe, 37, and his rock band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, are going deep in the heart of Texas. On Aug. 18, reports Reuters, the group will perform at a concert benefiting Austin’s Settlement Home for troubled youth and celebrating the birthday of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s daughter, Sydney Perry, who will turn 15. (Like his predecessor in the Governor’s Mansion, George W. Bush, who left for somewhat greener pastures, Perry is a Republican.) The performance will also kick off a brief U.S. summer tour by Crowe’s band, which was formed in 1984, long before the New Zealand-born, Australian-bred Crowe became a star. As for how the four-man band got its title, one of its members once said: “If you lay all of the band members end to end (well, that was when there was five of us) we would total about 30 (feet).” Crowe became friends with Gov. Perry last year when his band was in Austin to perform some concerts and record its latest album, “Bastard Life or Clarity,” publicists for the event said. Last Aug. 11, Austin’s mayor declared “30 Odd Foot of Grunts Day” and made Crowe an honorary Texan. “It’s an honor I take very seriously,” Crowe later told Rolling Stone.

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