The actor, who's debuting Robin Hood at the film festival, suffered a soggy fashion faux pas years ago

By Eunice Oh
May 12, 2010 03:10 PM
Francis Specker/Landov

Russell Crowe once had a public wardrobe malfunction – a wet one.

Recalling an early trip to the Cannes Film Festival when he was 27, the Oscar-winning actor says he wore an old pair of black zip-up boots and discovered one of the soles was completely worn through – only once it started raining.

“With the rain on the red carpet, you know, every step I took – slurp, slurp – a little more water got sucked up into my sock,” Crowe, 46, who returned to the French Riviera Wednesday to premiere Robin Hood with Cate Blanchett, tells Entertainment Tonight.

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“I have a definitively clear memory,” he says, “of sitting in that screening of that movie with a sopping foot.”

This time, Crowe says he’s taking the dry road.

“Things have changed a little bit,” the actor says. “[I] never actually [wear] a pair of Armani shoes to the point when the sole wears out.” Instead, Crowe says the Italian designer just “sends me more shoes.”

But other things, in addition to fashion, have changed in the Aussie actor’s life both personally and professionally. “I was here [at Cannes] in 1991 with a little indie film, then in 1997 with LA Confidential,” he says. “Life has come a long way.”

“In 1991 I left [my wife] Danielle’s parents house to fly to the airport,” he continues. “And then in 1997 I talked to her about it on the phone. This time around we’ve got kids and we’re married – and now she’s here.”