April 07, 2003 01:00 AM

Russell Crowe said goodbye to his bachelor days Monday at sunset.

After three days of celebrating with invited guests, the “Gladiator” Oscar winner marked his 39th birthday by marrying his longtime girlfriend, actress-singer Danielle Spencer, 32, on his mid-east coast Australian cattle property.

Reuters, filing reports from Down Under, described the event as an odd combination of grunge, romance and tradition.

For romance, Giorgio Armani has dressed the wedding party. For tradition, the wedding ceremony took place inside a specially built domed chapel on Crowe’s farm. And for grunge, a Harley Davidson motorcade and a black utility truck accompanied the bride’s Mercedes to the wedding, says the news service.

After a weekend that included a Saturday cricket match and a lot of dancing, Spencer reportedly left the farm Sunday night so that she could make a traditional entrance on her father’s arm on Monday.

Wearing a cream wedding dress and white veil, she waved and smiled at the waiting paparazzi as she drove onto the property.

“She’s a princess,” observed one fan as some 30 locals cheered Spencer’s arrival Monday afternoon (Australian time).

As the bride said in an email response to the good wishes fans have sent to the Web site for Crowe’s band: “We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.”

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