The tough guy tells PEOPLE he has a soft spot for his kids

By K.C. Baker
Updated October 06, 2008 06:55 PM
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Russell Crowe is not the kind of guy to tussle with. But when it comes to being a daddy, he says that he can be a softie.

“Between my wife and myself, I’m the pushover as far as the kids are concerned,” Crowe told PEOPLE Sunday at the New York premiere of his new spy thriller, Body of Lies, which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I wouldn’t call myself strict as such,” the actor says of his two young boys with wife Danielle Spencer. “But I have certain desires for my boys, like any parent. I want my boys to be good boys.”

In Body of Lies, Crowe plays a CIA honcho who gives life or death commands to agents in the field from his cell phone in the suburbs while taking his kids to soccer practice. Like his character, Crowe says he is the kind of dad who multitasks.

“Everybody who’s got kids knows exactly what that drill is,” he says. “When you are the father of two, and sometimes mom’s got to work, you got to do it, man.”

Crowe also clarified that he isn’t planning his 2-year-old son’s marriage to Nicole Kidman‘s infant daughter just yet. The actor recently joked to PEOPLE about how Kidman had told him recently that she wanted his son, Tennyson, to marry her 2 1/2-month-old daughter, Sunday Rose Urban.

When asked how likely that is, he laughed and said, “At this point in time they share a birthday. That’s all they share at this time.”