"She's got that potency, doesn't she?" he tells PEOPLE. "That's why she can play queens and leaders"

By Mary S. Park
October 04, 2010 08:25 AM
Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages

“Confidence. Potency. Female energy. Roaring estrogen.”

Russell Brand isn’t lacking for superlatives in describing the sexiness of Helen Mirren, his costar in The Tempest. Speaking to PEOPLE at the film’s premiere in New York on Saturday, Brand seemed practically in awe of Mirren’s power.

“She’s got that potency, doesn’t she?” he said. “That’s why she can play queens and leaders.”

Of course, females in general are an irresistible force in Brand’s vision of the universe. “Women are, of course, powerful, feral creatures – the Earth being so female, the cosmos, even, perhaps being a female instinct, creating life,” he said. “If women get in tune to that energy, it’ll destroy us all.”

Brand, 35, spoke of Mirren’s work in The Tempest, adapted from the Shakespeare play, describing how she skillfully adapts the male role of Prospero into a female character, Prospera.

Mirren, 65, returned the compliment, telling PEOPLE it was to great to work with Brand “because he’s a brilliant talent.”

The most special female in Brand’s life, of course, is fiancée Katy Perry. Asked about the craziest thing he’s done for love, Brand – who was recently arrested for trying to protect Perry from paparazzi at an airport – replied, “Everything you do for love is crazy.”