December 08, 2003 05:19 PM

It may not be a vast left-wing conspiracy, but conservative talker Rush Limbaugh claimed on his radio show Friday that Democrats are out to get him.

Limbaugh’s latest assertion came one day after reports that Florida investigators raided his doctors’ offices and seized his medical records in an effort to see whether the radio host had gone “doctor shopping” for under-the-counter drugs.

Limbaugh, 51, has admitted to a painkiller addiction and recently spent five weeks in a treatment center before returning to the airwaves (where, in the past, he regularly demanded automatic jail sentences for drug users).

On Friday, Limbaugh called himself the victim of a political witch-hunt. Limbaugh, who lives in a $24 million Palm Beach palace, has not been charged with a crime. In their search warrants, investigators cited a prescription list for more than 2,000 pills from March 24 through Sept. 26.

“I bet if I’d been treated by Dr. Dean, the Democrats would have demanded his records,” Limbaugh told his listeners, referring to presidential candidate Howard Dean. “You people are taking aim at me in so many different ways.”

On Friday’s “Today” show, Limbaugh’s lawyer Roy Black accused Palm Beach County prosecutor Barry Krischer of being politically motivated in his investigation into whether Limbaugh had purchased painkillers illegally.

“They are looking to publicly embarrass him and affect his radio program,” said Black. “Why is Rush Limbaugh the only person treated like this in America?”

Krischer is a Democrat. His spokesman, Mike Edmonson, declined to respond to the Limbaugh camp’s charges, the Associated Press reports.

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