Rumer Willis also shared the gift she was giving herself for her 29th birthday – a promise to not hide her "beautiful, unique, sparkly" personality

By Lindsay Kimble
August 18, 2017 08:50 AM
Credit: Rumer Willis/Instagram

Rumer Willis is looking back on years past – and making a promise for the future in honor of her 29th year.

The actress, who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, shared a throwback photo of her and mom Demi Moore to Instagram, writing, “Happy Birthday To Me and to the Mama who birthed me 29 years ago!!”

In the image, baby Willis cozied up to her mom — who wore a wide-eyed expression.

Willis also posted another vintage photo in which she posed in her underwear alongside her younger sister Tallulah – who sipped from a Coke can while in the buff.

Alongside the picture, Willis wrote, “This is the girl I am celebrating today, the one who isn’t afraid to take up space and isn’t afraid of her talent or confidence. The one who shouts from the mountain tops that I am here and I have something to say.”

The star – whose father is actor Bruce Willis – said that she “hid away” part of herself the “majority” of her life because of fear that she was “too weird or nerdy or not good enough.”

“Every once in a while she would make an appearance but very rarely and usually only with my sisters,” she shared. “The rest of the time I was working extremely hard to dim her shine and make sure I she didn’t push anyone away cause she was too sparkly.”

Comparing herself to “a muggle” from popular book and movie franchise Harry Potter, Willis admitted, “for most of my adult life I thought that if I could be who everyone else wanted me to be that I would be accepted and happy, but I never was.”

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“I was miserable trying to contort myself every which way to please everyone else around me,” said Willis. “At some point I lost sight of the little girl in this photo.”

In honor of her birthday, Willis said that she was gifting herself the ability to embrace her “weird, nerdy, sometimes awkward, talented, kind, bad tv show loving, occasionally OCD, sensitive, impulsive, beautiful, unique, sparkly self”

She added, “And not apologize to anyone for the incredible woman I have become.”

Last month, Willis publicly celebrated another personal milestone: achieving six-months of sobriety. She shared at the time, “I have never been more proud of myself in my entire life.”