Rumer Willis Gets Candid on Her Relationship with Parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

"I'm so proud and kind of in awe of her," Willis said of her mother, Demi Moore

Rumer Willis has been in the spotlight since birth, but she is now realizing as an adult how her famous parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have been a source of inspiration to her and her career.

During a sit down with PEOPLE, the 28-year-old singer credited her father’s taste in music to rubbing off on her throughout the years: “His music taste is just all over the place, but when I was growing up, it was so much jazz and cool R&B and blues and all of this different stuff.”

Willis, who took home the Dancing with the Stars Mirror Ball trophy on the season 20 finale, assured that both of her A-list parents have never pushed her or her two sisters — Tallulah and Scout — into the limelight. “I have been very, very blessed with not having stage parents,” she told PEOPLE.

The musician, who is traveling the country on her first ever concert tour, also revealed the memorable advice she’s held onto that her mother, 53, gave to her. “Just to really be yourself; to always remember that when you’re in front of an audience, or anywhere, if you’re in the public eye, you have to represent yourself in a way that is what you would want to present to the world,” Willis said of what she learned from Moore.

Willis also remarked that as she has grown up and reflected on her own life, she has come to realize that her parents are real people — not just “superhero parents” — who accomplished their dreams in front of a global audience.

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“As you get older, I think for everyone, you realize that your parents aren’t just these superhero parents. I mean you really realize that shift happens between them being your parents and them just also being people. You can look at them in a different light,” Willis admitted to PEOPLE.

She added: “Because my mom had me when she was 25 and I’m 28 now and just to even imagine myself three years ago starting to have children and be married and have my career, it’s pretty trippy and I’m so proud and kind of in awe of her.”

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