Don’t expect New York Senate seat rivals Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani to agree on just about anything, not even music. The 1973 Billy Joel song “Captain Jack” has become the latest issue to divide the two candidates. A recording of the ditty played before the First Lady announced her official entry into the campaign race on Sunday. “This was a very, very orchestrated and scripted event,” the New York City Mayor criticized on Monday. “The message that got out by mistake was, ‘Let’s say yes to drugs.’ ” (Some lyrics: “Captain Jack will get you high tonight and take you to your special island.”) Later, on a radio show, Giuliani claimed the song not only “encourages young people to use drugs,” but also to masturbate. Pressed for comment, a Clinton campaign spokesman said that campaign officials didn’t pick the song. Billy Joel, meanwhile, issued a statement saying that the points raised by Hizzoner aren’t worthy of the campaign.